Kickstarter and Guerilla Filmmakers

We’ve all heard of short films that get funded via Kickstarter and the odd movie that gets a whole load of funding because it’s got Zac Braff in it. However, there is another way…building an audience by asking for something small, an extra flourish. Here’s part 1 of our day with a helicopter enabled with Kickstarter money…thanks again Kickstarter folks!

Bachelor Stereotypes!

We’ve been going round town asking you your stag weekend (or bachelor weekend if you’re state side) stories. Not surprisingLY – all the stories start with ‘so we were completely trashed’. A bit more surprising – just how much trouble you manage to get yourselves into. Here is a video of some of the roles you might find on a …

The Team

Argentina has an awesome film industry – The original Secrets in their Eyes is a must watch. Here’s a little video of our fantastic filmmaking team: