Why Bachelor Games Was Filmed in Argentina

Here’s the story behind why Bachelor Games was filmed in Argentina:


5 years into writing our script ‘Bachelor Games’, and a hell of a lot of location searches later, we came to this (pretty bloody obvious) conclusion…

‘We don’t have enough money and it rains all the time in the United Kingdom.’

First we tried to make Scotland work:Scotland, before Bachelor Games was filmed in ArgentinaProblems:  most rainy place in the UK, freezing and surprisingly quite difficult to get to.

Next we decided to give Wales a shot…Wales, before Bachelor Games was filmed in ArgentinaProblems: Rain. And actually quite difficult to look really wild…sheep and quaint little stone walls crop up everywhere

And finally, our last ditch attempt at trying to shoot in the UK was in

The Peak District….The Peak District, before Bachelor Games was filmed in Argentinaand, well, besides the rain, you just can’t make it look dangerous or uninhabited, rolling hills, chocolate box villages, did I mention the rain?

OUR FILM CHECKLIST (what we absolutely needed)

  1. NO rain
  2. Mountains
  3. An established film industry
  4. More bang for our buck than we could get in the UK

We looked at Eastern Europe, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Canada…but none of them hit all 4.

Then we discovered ARGENTINAArgentina is gorgeous!Salta, Argentina

Salta, ArgentinaEnough said right.

We went to the writer Sam Michell and and told him to re-write the script.

Now, poor Sam had been working on this film for over 5 years by now, taking our crap notes, re-writing for all our different locations, working weekends and evenings as his proper job took him plenty of time at the BBC.

The look on his face as we gave him this curve ball said it all:

‘Get out of my house. Go to Argentina, see if it works and I might consider re-writing this goddamn script.’

So off we went to Argentina, camera in hand, little Spanish in our heads. What we found was beyond even our wildest movie dreams….


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