Bachelor Games is a smart and efficient thriller. It’s humorous, it’s tense, it’s well-acted and it’s well worth ninety minutes of anybody’s time.
~ Battle Royale With Cheese

All in all, this horror-comedy is interesting because it decided to dabble with some weighty themes. The subject matter was well executed and the characters were engaging. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a horror-comedy that skews into a darker thematic territory.
~ Nightmarish Conjurings
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The setting is gorgeous and intimidatingly isolated a perfect setting for this kind of story.  Even the few shady interiors we see are really nicely shot (and eerily designed) as to give stark and ominous contrast to the sunny paradise of the mountains. Composer David Julyan, known for work on The Cabin in the Woods and The Descent, provides a subtle, but tonally perfect soundtrack which knows exactly when to get us worked up.
~ Starburst Magazine

One of the largest horror sites in the U.S. ran an exclusive clip from Bachelor Games. It was also shared on their Facebook page. Watch the clip on ShockTill You Drop and check out their post on Facebook.

Much more than a brainless horror. Relationships are tested, the hunter and hunted confused, and blood spills from arrowheads and splatters from leg wounds. Each death is a well-crafted snapshot of suspense – real stalker-savvy stuff – and nicely framed around entertaining mood-lightening banter, as Bachelor Games, to its credit, relentlessly pulls you across the safety line and back.

Bachelor Games, the latest film by Edward McGown, takes the worst stag story you can think of and multiplies the terror exponentially. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Well, since you asked, quite a lot actually….
~ The Totality

Bachelor Games is well-crafted and entertaining. The performances are good to very good; the writing brings a potentially very basic story into a more interesting one. The film is shot beautifully and makes you want to travel even with the risks shown. The whole of the film is good and worth a watch for sure.

Watch this exclusive clip on Blumhouse.

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Bachelor Games is an action adventure horror thriller that never once loses it’s suspense.
~ Here Is The City

Bachelor Games is a good film. Heck, it’s even great. Director Edward McGown implements dark humour and fear within is movie that, thanks to the performances and an astute script, feel terribly real. Tense and fun, Bachelor Games is a great play on the genre.
~ We Make Movies on Weekends

I loved that the story wasn’t straight forward and that it kept you on your toes the whole way through. Fun, funny and a really great watch!
~ Is This Real Life

A thoughtful drama and thriller where friends hold long-time secrets and use them against each other. Bachelor Games is one of those slow-burning films, one without gallons of blood and copious violence. It may not win accolades from strict horror fans but it plays with the overused terror tropes found in similar movies. That itself makes Bachelor Games a winner.
~ Edge Network

DAILY DEAD – Interviewed Charlie Bewley on behalf of Bachelor Games
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